De Baron Bed Breakfast

One of the essential features guests consider in choosing a hotel is its distance to the airport and other features important for their stay. Hotel De Baron Bed Breakfast is closely situated to the airport (less than 10 meters from the hotel exit) and other means of transportation to and in the town (the port, train station, bus hub, and taxi service).

Apart from being closely located to means of transport, the hotel also offers pickup and drop off services for guests with reservations. A large breakfast buffet is also on offer to guest free of charge and has a wide array of food to choose from.

The hotel has three categories of rooms with everyone coming along with necessities such as clean water supply, comfortable beds and mattresses, and uninterrupted power supply.
Other features available at the hotel include
1. 24-hour concierge service
2. Free and secure parking space
3. CCTV surveillance of the entire hotel area
4. 24-hour satellite channels connection
5. Free Wi-Fi and internet access
6. 24 hour hotel reception service

The hotel has a collection of team members who are dedicated to making guests feel at home through top notch customer service, adeptness, and understanding.

All these are some of the features that make the Hotel De Baron Bed Breakfast suitable for every class of guest.