Hotel NH Collection Madrid Palacio de Tepa

With a central location in the ancient town, the Hotel NH Collection Madrid Palacio de Tepa offers guests the opportunity to experience all there is to experience in the town. This makes it a popular hotel which can easily be located by guests from all walks of life. Apart from being centrally located, the hotel also offers its guests a homely environment where they can feel at ease through the presence of nature and homely, professional staffs.

The kitchen service caters for all feeding needs of the guests by providing all traditional and intercontinental meals as soon as they are requested by the guests. There are also in-suite mini kitchen areas in executive suites for guests who prefer catering to their feeding.
Although located on a three-floor property, the lifts are always active thereby eliminating the stress of having to use the stairs. What’s more? All the types of rooms are spread throughout the three floors thereby giving guests who have a preference for height the chance to enjoy the level of comfort they desire.

Apart from all these, other features available at the hotel include:
1. 24 hour reception and concierge services
2. Night club and full time bars
3. Wi-Fi with internet connection