Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden

Hotel Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden is located right in the main area of the historic city of Woerden. Its immediate environment is lively and serene, and it is in short walking distance to essential locations such as the churches, museum, cinema, shops, and monuments.

Once guests enter the Hotel Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden, the intimate feel of being at home descends as each room, and every part of the hotel has been designed with careful attention to details. Every part of the hotel sports original artworks and valuable antiques in a contemporary setting.

The very special and homely touch will leave you feeling like a native of the ancient, historic town especially after rounding up at one of the exotic breakfasts usually served at the natural garden of the hotel.

Some special features of the Hotel Van Rossum Stadshotel Woerden include:
1. Wi-Fi internet in all rooms and public areas including the gardens
2. A business corner for carrying out all business-related activities
3. Affordable laundry and dry cleaning service
4. Babysitting service available on request for family visits
5. A library with a wide collection of books and journals across the world, genres and professional
6. A well-stocked bar and all night club with a wide selection of music and drinks for your enjoyment
7. A meeting hall and spa room.